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Evolution of Training

Michael Mauboussin, author of the book “The Success Equation” and adjunct professor of finance at Columbia Business School says, “When the overall skill level goes up, luck starts playing a more important role in determining success”.  We at Centum Learning completely believe in this and over one million people who have been impacted by our training & skill development initiatives are testimony to this success equation!

While decoding luck is beyond our immediate concern, the success equation will work positively if skills training programmes are learner centric, standardized, localized and suited to provide or enhance employability skills – the silver lining linked to all the employability driven training programmes.

Businesses across the world reap benefits from investing in the most valuable link of the business value chain. In case of learning solutions, the link is undisputedly “training” and delivering excellence in training is at the core of what we do.

Our 360 degree training model ensures that right from content creation to training delivery – the process is well-knit with checks and balances in place via audits to ensure that standardized, localized and learner centric content is developed and seamlessly delivered across multiple locations and in multiple languages for the benefit of the learners.

If you’re a modern day business leader, you know that you need to invest in technology in training that enable people to integrate skills development into their workflows. This kind of training will enable trainees to keep themselves motivated to keep learning and bettering their performance in ways that are encouraging, non-aggressive, ready-to-use and relevant. What’s great about collaborative learning technologies is that people learn and develop skills while they work, which makes an immediate impact. The focus of collaborative learning is on peers of all levels asking questions and sharing experiences for a common purpose—to develop a skill, to adapt a practice, to solve a problem, to share a lesson—to change the way they work. In this way, collaborative learning technologies help companies deliver work products that improve job performance—the only real proof that learning takes place. Hence, company management is now all rising upto inducting collaborative learning technologies for their employees.

While every client appreciation & global recognition gives us a new high, what truly inspires us is the transformation our employability training programmes bring about in the lives of people who flock to our Skill Development Centers. There are numerous ‘success stories’ of these young men & women from even inaccessible corners of India where our award winning training solutions, passionate skill instructors and energetic mobilization warriors are scripting stories about transforming India into a skilled & employable India! Our focus is not restricted to the corporates or BPL candidates whom we train. We realize that Skill Instructors are the most crucial element in the value chain of skill development. In order to foster the spirit of continuous learning, inculcate sharing of best practices and to incentivize & reward skill instructors, Centum Learning launched the Centum Skill Instructor’s Guild (CSIG). The core objective of the CSIG is to enhance the learning opportunity for all skill instructors by imparting cross – functional training and providing access to new training programmes.

Going forward, one of the biggest game changers in this century has been the settling up of National Skill Development Corporation. We have taken baby steps in the right direction but now we need to fasten our seatbelts and set off. For a nation consisting of youths clustering in their late twenties, the new PM looks like he means business. 63 is definitely not young but that makes Modi 18 years younger than his predecessor Manmohan Singh. The new government needs to quickly facilitate the PPP model to create jobs and subsequently diminish corruption. All these years, not only have we failed to identify the potential of rural workers but also undermined the prospects of skilled workers. Now we will quickly need to narrow the gap between those who have access to skill-based education and those who don’t. The Government has already started working towards removing the bottlenecks with regards to administrative and financial issues that are standing in way of India becoming a trained country – with countrymen trained to earn a livelihood.

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