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Learning & Development: Critical Challenges & Best practices in India Inc.

Across almost all industries in India there exists a wide gap between supply and demand of skilled workforce, mainly because of an obvious shortage of skills. The shrinking pool of workforce necessitates availability of highly effective and efficient manpower, which in turn demands highly comprehensive, end-to-end, sustainable training solutions. To remain effective and contemporary, today’s organizations want employees to be good at team building, fluent in conversations, understand present-day issues like social networking, forge collaborations and keep up with competitive trends. In short, they need skills that impact the bottom-line, namely sales and customer service skills, product/process knowledge etc. Employees engaged in such critical functions must be effectively trained in the shortest possible time.

Implementation of training solutions, therefore, is an obvious requirement for launch of new products in a highly competitive market to achieve sales targets. Basic skill sets are no longer adequate these days to deliver desired results and organizations cannot afford a slow learning curve for employees any more. Therefore, induction training, product and process training across the company, right down to the last mile, are non-negotiable. Today, all Learning & Development professionals face a wide range of issues and some of the most prominent challenges are around the practice of training itself. The reason why very often trainings are ineffectual is due to inappropriate content, ineffective delivery, lack of standardization and ad hoc training practices. These inadequacies are especially more glaring in times of globalization where standardization of practices is must and, yet at the same time, one needs to recognize the nuances of culture and its sensitivities.

Currently, the entire gambit of L&D universe faces variety of challenges. Making Learning & Development content more relevant is as old as chicken and egg problem. While standardizing this up-to-date and relevant content to achieve scalability follows this premise. Using appropriate technology to enhance efficacy of training and choosing the right kind of collaborative and experiential approaches, to follow up on training and monitoring application at work place has become need of hour. Additionally, making training flexible and not limit to class room style of teaching and creating content very crisp and concise for the rapidly changing environment remains bone of contention for many.

With over thirty years of experience in Skills Upgradation business, I have concluded that Learning & Development can dramatically impact ROI (return on investment) of training. In a fast-changing dynamic world, we feel Learning and Development plays a strategic role only if it provides relevant insights; not just basic skill courses. Hence, the only way to increase the efficiency of the employees in the corporate sector is through innovative training methodologies which need to be upgraded from time to time.

At, Centum Learning, we have realized that the only way to increase the efficiency of the employees in the corporate sector is through innovative training methodologies which need to be upgraded from time to time. Towards the end, we have adopted off-beat training modules which can be as simple and varied as storytelling or Team building using theatre workshops to solve this problem. Depending on the clients, Centum Learning, which believes in the mantra of “Business of positive transformation”, has devised training modules which can enhance business results and develop skills as per industry requirements. Working closely with our partners, we develop appropriate content and requisite expertise to offer end-to-end training solutions in a standardized manner. This is being done across levels of hierarchy in diverse locations across continents. All our courses are industry specific and are prepared in consultation with the Industry Experts to impart training which would actually enable the candidates to work more effectively in their jobs in terms of Domain Knowledge, Technical Skills and Soft Skills.

For the delivery part, we have developed a pool of qualified and competent trainers who are certified by Centum Learning. These Trainers undergo Train the Trainer programs wherein training is imparted on Platform Skills, Expectations Management and Counseling & Mentoring Skills.

Our unique approach to Learning and Development has made us most trusted ‘Go-To’ partner for corporate in need of skills development and vocational training initiatives. With domain expertise in 21 industry verticals and over 1,358 Learning and Development specialists, we have partnered over 350 corporates to address the dreaded ‘skills-demand’ gap. We have taken our skilling engagement even further to establish Corporate Universities with clients such as Airtel, Mahindra First Choice, Skoda, Matrix Cellular and many more. Our Enterprise Training Solutions has become very popular with corporates including Titan Industries, Punjab National Bank, Delhi International Airport, Punj Lloyd, American Express, Ashok Leyland Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Lafarge Cements, Global Trust Bank, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), etc. We have unlocked global factories of talent in these entities.

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